Thursday, March 2, 2017

3 Date Night Looks With LulaRoe

As you know, I absolutely love dressing up for date night. It keeps it special and makes me feel different than when wearing my day-to-day mom uniform (read: yoga pants and oversized tees). But let's be real... it's also really great to feel comfortable on a date. Enter LuLaRoe! You guys, if you have not tried LulaRoe, you are missing out. The fabric is so soft and comfortable, that it's almost as comfortable as wearing my mom garb! For reals!

I received free product in return for my honest review. All opinions are completely my own. 

LuLaRoe is sold by independent consultants online and in pop up shops. Something that is totally awesome about LuLaRoe is that each consultant receives a totally unique inventory! That's why I highly recommend following a number of LuLa Ladies so that you can see a wider range of inventory. Make sure to check out my LuLa Girls: Bryell, Rachel, and Emily!

At first, I was a little hesitant to try LuLaRoe. They have some pretty crazy patterns that aren't quite "me." But my consultants were so great to help me find patterns and colors that I absolutely fell in love with!

So today, I wanted to share three of my favorite date night looks a-la-LuLaRoe.

The Casual, Stay-At-Home Date Night. 
flower pattern leggings lularoe
My first outfit is based off of this amazing pair of LuLaRoe OS Leggings from Bryell. I had heard that LuLa Leggings were addicting... but I had no. idea. that they would live up to all the hype. You have never felt something so soft and comfortable. I paired them with an oversized shirt and I was in heaven! I was so comfortable, but I still felt totally cute! I won't admit to just how frequently I've worn this exact outfit in the last month... It's seriously that comfortable! I love that this outfit is fun and different for a cozy stay-at-home date night. I wore this outfit when we did our chocolate tasting, when we watched old home videos, and when we ate gourmet popcorn (like I said... it's a go to outfit now) and I felt super cute and super comfy. Win Win.

The Dressy Date Night Out
We got to see Finding Neverland last month and it was the most amazing date. We hadn't been to a musical (one of our very favorite things) in about a year, so this was seriously perfect. When I see a play, I like to feel a little more dressy than I do on other dates. So I chose this Julia Dress from Rachel for my night out on the town and felt so great all night long! The fabric is incredibly soft and the pattern is just what I've been looking for in a dress.

I dressed it up with some pearls, but it could also be dressed down for a more casual night.
Quick note on sizing on this one... This dress runs reeeeally tight. I usually wear a size 6, which would put me at a Small, but I chose to go with a Large because I didn't want it hugging me like they are designed to do. I'm happy with the fit. Generally speaking, you can wear different LuLaRoe sizes depending on the fit you're looking for.

A Semi-Casual Lunch Date
We have been incredibly busy recently, so we are trying to make date night happen whenever possible, even if it means getting a little creative. Lunch dates can be great since Brad takes a little break at work anyways. I  love my Cassie Skirt from Emily for dates like this. The skirt is so fun and functional. It can be dressed up or dressed down to work for a number of occasions. For a more casual date night, I paired it with a tucked, oversized top.

For a more dressy occasion, I would pair this with a button down. I've also seen this skirt worn as an infinity scarf and loved the look.

I have absolutely loved my new Date Night Outfits and will definitely be expanding my LuLaRoe closet! I can't say enough about how comfortable these clothes are without sacrificing fashion. I have also loved working with my consultants. They are so kind and absolutely supportive of each other. Like I said, every distributor gets a completely different inventory, so you can't ever follow too many! They all have a unique selection, which makes shopping so much fun!

Find Bryell's Page here.
Find Rachel's Page here.
Find Emily's Page here. 

Have you tried LuLaRoe? Do you love it as much as I do?

If you are a member of My Wife Tribe Facebook Group, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for my back-to-back LuLaRoe Giveaways this month!!


  1. LLR is addictive! I especially love how you styled your Cassie!

    1. It really is so addictive!! And thank you so much!

  2. What fun looks and so comfy and cozy at the same time. Super fun.

  3. I too am a huge fan of Lularoe , actually just the other day on my blog I shared how my Luluroe wardrobe changed my life .

    1. I really enjoyed your post! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love that skirt! It looks SO comfy!

  5. I love all of these look, but the last is definitely my favorite! That skirt is the cutest!!!

    1. At first, it was a little out of my comfort zone since it's such a bold color, but I came to love it. Thanks!

  6. I used to sell LLR back in the day :-) the Amelia is my fave!


  7. Totally love LLR! The Cassie is one of my faves and that's a great Julia!

  8. I love my LLR clothes, they are perfect for travel too as they are easy to roll up, light, comfy and versatile.


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