Monday, May 1, 2017

May Flowers

I'm not sure about you, but I don't know how it is May already! This year is really flying by. Here in Vegas temperatures will reach the 90s this week, the water parks are open, and the splash pads have been turned on. We're officially in summer mode and it feels pretty good. 

To be honest, I'm not too sad to say goodbye to April. It wasn't a bad month, but we definitely felt some "April showers" around here and are looking forward to some more flowery days. 

May is going to be one crazy and amazing month. This month we will:

Travel to Arizona for two weddings

Celebrate Mother's Day 

Start a more official house hunt (please send me all the patience vibes you can muster)

Start packing up our house (let's be honest... I never really unpacked everything to begin with)

Go to the splash pad practically every other day

Go to weekly gymnastics classes

Start our summer reading program

So it's definitely set up for a month of May flowers. And I have just the dress to kick off the month. 

This floral maxi dress from eshakti is just what I was looking for this spring. I wanted something light weight and flowy, easy maintenance, and fun. This dress fit the bill perfectly! 

I love that eshakti let's me customize everything about the dress. Ever since having a baby, my body doesn't quite fit into one specific size. So I love that I simply send in my measurements and eshakti does the rest. I also changed the sleeve length on this dress since I wanted them just a bit longer. I love that I could have chosen elbow sleeves or long sleeves as well if I had wanted. These dresses can truly become one of a kind with so many customizable options. 

Eshakti also has me hooked on pockets in a dress. I don't know how I survived without them. It's so much more convenient! The pockets are a great size, but so well done that you can't even tell they are there. There is no awkward bulge or extra fabric. 

In all, this is my perfect May Flowers dress! 

Have you tried eshakti yet? 

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