Tuesday, February 6, 2018

And Then We Were Four

Well, it's been almost three months since I've touched this little blog of mine... but I have good reason. I have been slowing down and enjoying the magic of ordinary days with my two little ones and it has been something truly special. My days are spent playing make believe, nursing a baby, reading books, cuddling, creating masterpieces that hang proudly on my fridge, and having tea parties. And I've loved every moment. We've just started to settle into a nice little routine and magically, both girls are taking an afternoon nap at *almost* the same time, so I have an hour or so of solo time. So I think it's about time that I updated the world on our little portion of it.

Adalynn Rose joined our family back in November and she has truly blessed our home. If you have been around for awhile (truthfully, is anyone even still here after a three month unannounced blogging break? Mom? Grandma? So the usual crowd ;) then you might remember that Kymri's birth story was quite eventful, relatively long, and even a bit painful. Well, this is about as opposite as could be, and I am truly grateful.

The day before Adalynn was born, I had finally painted the nursery. We were really behind on a number of things, mainly due to moving in to a new house just a few short months before welcoming our new little one. She was still 9 days from her due date, and I wasn't showing any signs of labor... so I was fully prepared to go over my due date. I had the entire week leading up to her due date all planned out. First, paint the nursery (actually did that), then hang the pictures and decorate, then make freezer meals, then write and schedule future blog posts... you get the idea. Well, baby girl had other plans.

The day that Addy was born, I woke up at 3am and (super embarrassed) couldn't tell if I had wet myself or if my water had broke. I tried to be as quiet as possible so as to not wake Brad, and because like I mentioned, I was pretty embarrassed thinking that I had wet myself. I got all cleaned up, but as I was just about to get back into bed, Brad woke up and asked if everything was okay. I sheepishly told him that I thought I had wet myself. Pregnancy problems. He sat right up in bed and said something like "you have never wet yourself, pregnant or not... are you sure your water didn't break?" I told him that I really couldn't tell for sure but that he had a valid point. After some googling, I was almost convinced that it was my water. This was around 3:45 or so. Finally at 4, I was convinced and Brad insisted I call my doctor. Dr Holmes answered right away. Apparently he hadn't been to sleep that night. I was his 4th phone call with broken water. Surely something was in the air that day! He asked if I was having any contractions. I wasn't. He told me to wait awhile before going in then because it would be a long day if not. We wanted to have the baby soonish after the water broke, but I was okay to wait awhile.

So I went and did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned up the nursery the rest of the way, threw the last minute things into my hospital bag, and when it was a bit later called my mom to give her the update. Somewhere in there, my water came gushing out the rest of the way and there was no longer any question that it was definitely the water.

By 11:00 I still wasn't having any contractions and I was getting a little antsy. I had a small bit of blood as well, so I called the doctor. He said I should probably head to the hospital and get on some pitocin. We took Kymri to my in-laws house, grabbed some lunch (who knew when I could eat again), and headed in.

It took ages to get through triage. They had to make certain that my water had broke. Once I was through there and in a labor and delivery room, it was about 1:30. I met my nurses, who I loved, got changed, and prepped for baby number 2. I knew that I didn't want an epidural right away so that I could progress (hopefully) a little quicker. I started a very low dose of pitocin and contractions started soon thereafter. With Kymri the cervix softener mixed with the pitocin sent me into some majorly uncomfortable contractions. But these weren't bad at all. I was mildly uncomfortable with each one, but nothing that I couldn't handle. Brad and I took a few walks, read, talked, and just enjoyed some time together.

By about 5:30 I was starting to really feel the contractions, and I felt pretty ready for the epidural. They checked me and I was dilated to a 5.5! hurray! So we called the anesthesiologist and got the epidural going. Let me tell you, that needle was the hardest part of the entire day! The epidural was in by about 6:00 and I was feeling amazing. I don't know what was different this time around... my first epidural was not nearly as effective. With my first, I could still feel the contractions and by the time it was time to deliver, I was really hurting. This time, I could feel a little pressure, so I still felt like I was aware and experiencing it, but there was no pain. Amazing!

Sadly, my nurse's shift was done right before I was ready to deliver. I sort of wish they had checked me right before she left because I think I may have been ready... but I wasn't really feeling like it was time, so it's okay. When they checked me at 7:15, I was surprised to see that I was at a 10 and ready to go! My doctor was already at the hospital (remember how I was the 4th broken water... well a 5th called right after me. He had a busy day), so he was in the room by 7:40. He prepped everything. I was feeling great. Brad was by my side through the whole thing and so supportive. It wasn't anything like our first where I was basically killing his hands as I pushed through intense pain. This time, I was calm and collected. Dr Holmes, Brad, and the nurse guided me through three pushes and our precious little one was in my arms at 7:54. Fast and easy and oh so perfect.

They placed her right on my chest and Brad and I talked to her telling her how much we loved her, how glad we were that she had joined us, and how happy she already made us. My heart swelled with love for her right away. My mom came into the room moments after Adalynn was placed on my chest and I was so glad to see her and have her there. Addy was absolutely perfect. She filled our hearts and we were instantly in love. When Brad held her, my heart swelled with love for him all over again, just like the first time he held Kymri.

The most precious moment was the next morning when Kymri got to come and meet her baby sister. She was so enchanted, holding her, kissing her, talking to her. And she has continued to be the best big sister I could have hoped for. Three months later, it's hard to remember life before Adalynn. This just seems to be the way things were meant to be. We are loving every moment and I'm looking forward to sharing glimpses into the magic with you.

Thank you Janel Morris Photography for the incredible pictures!

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